Bedard Enterprises

We can handle a number of your construction, site renovation and landscaping needs.

As a trusted service provider to the community, we have been serving the Greater Hartford andĀ Farmington Valley, CT area for over 25 years!

Log Trucking & Log Sales

Our log services include:

  • Trucking & delivery of logs.
  • Sale of logs.


Our excavation services include:

  • Small scale shed pad preparation.
  • Underground propane tank installation.
  • Well install or repair.
  • New home foundations.
  • Additions to existing homes and garages.
  • Converting from overhead to underground power and utility services.
  • Waterline repairs.

Tree Removal

Our tree removal services include:

  • Removal of dead, damaged or unwanted trees on the property.
    • From the smallest of ornamental trees.
    • To the largest tree that may require a crane for removal.
  • Yard expansion.
  • Land clearing.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding services include:

  • Removal of stumps after our tree removal process.
  • Removal of existing unwanted stumps.
  • Your choice of…
    • Grinding and leaving chips.
    • Removing the grindings, replacing with topsoil and seeding or planting of a new tree.


Our drainage services include:

  • Redirection of gutter water, ground water or surface water to designated areas.
  • From small scale – Homeowner gutter and downspout systems.
  • To large scale – Parking lot catch basin systems.

Site Remediation

Our site remediation services include:

  • Taking control of soil, sediment, surface and/or ground water and redirect so it becomes contained in either a well or holding area.


Our seeding services include:

  • Topsoil and reseed areas that are not growing, due to poor soil conditions or from tree removal.
  • Regrade existing large areas.
  • Expand backyards.
  • Creating pastures.


Our planting services include:

  • Landscape gardens.
  • Foundation planting.
  • Large specimen (tree) moving & replanting in a new location.

Stone & Timber Walls

Our stone & timber wall services include:

  • Retaining walls.
  • Erosion protection.


Our stonework services include:

  • Design and install of…
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Walls
    • Firepits


Our products for sale include:

  • Beautifully salvaged brownstone and granite; in an effort to repurpose New England history.
  • Delivery of…
    • Topsoil.
    • Compost.
    • Landscape rocks.

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